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This is a list of the various software developped in our research groups. Some are part of a student's thesis, others were written simply to facilitate our every day's work. We ask that you are courteous about referencing our programs where appropriate.

  • PyCAFE
  • PySS - Secondary structure plugin for PyMOL
  • CRD to PDB - A Python script to convert CHARMM CRD files to PDB and a PyMOL plugin to load them directly in PyMOL
  • PyMP - PyMOL Modeling Plugin (early development stages, no release yet)


  • NMR Script repository - A collection of scripts (mainly for nmrPipe) for the processing and analysis of NMR data.
  • PyNMR - An NMR extension (plugin) for PyMOL
  • fillshift3 - Compute the average chemical shifts from peak lists and report assignment errors.
  • pipp_nav - A navigation companion for NMRView
  • kNMR - A KDE applet to show NMR data and statistics